In Memory Of Little Mo 

In Memory Of Little Mo 


The Final Chapter

Our last week together

I had no idea that the last week in October, 2018, would be our final one together, but I am so glad that we enjoyed some lovely times during those seven days. Mojo had been doing really well and there had been no signs of any problems. I had even sent a video and a picture to friends, earlier in the month to say how good she was looking in her old age....

At the beginning of the week, Mo had the farrier over to visit. He said that the hoof that she’d had to have resectioned in June was really growing through nicely and should be fully grown by Christmas. I was so pleased and thought to myself, yippee, we will have a Christmas Day ride to celebrate!

A lovely photo of Mo that I sent to Pat and Gary just a couple of weeks before
A lovely photo of Mo that I sent to Pat and Gary just a couple of weeks before
A photo of Mo earlier in the week when the sun was shining and I had to put a fly sheet on her in October!
A photo of Mo earlier in the week when the sun was shining and I had to put a fly sheet on her in October!

A country walk

During the week, we went on a lovely long walk together. Richard, Tilly, Mojo and me, across the track that led to Orgaswick Lane. Halfway round, we sat on a couple of concrete boulders and Mojo had a lovely long graze. It was chilly but the sun was shining and kept us nice and warm. When we got home, I took her rug off and she had a lovely roll in the garden and a doze by the back fence. In the afternoon I had fun brushing off all of the dust that she had rolled in, I gave her a hay block treat and tucked her up in her lovely little stable. 

Us all sitting in the back garden with Mo
Us all sitting in the back garden with Mo

Fun in the garden

Later in the week, Lily and Maisy came over. It was such a nice warm day for October that we sat in the back garden. Mojo had a roll outside on the grass and in the dust, and then came and stood next to us the other side of the fence. I filled up her treat ball and she happily rolled it all about, chomping her treats eagerly as usual.

On the morning of Saturday the 27th of October 2019 my beautiful pony was as nutty and happy as ever. She had heard some cyclists ride past the house, talking and shouting to each other. As if to tell them to be quiet, Mo suddenly trotted the length of her little paddock, stuck her head over the front gate and neighed loudly at the top of her voice! She was so funny, sometimes she seemed almost human. 

The afternoon turned cold, even though the sun was shining so I decided to put her in her stable early. I gave her a lovely brush, especially her long silky tail and popped on a couple of rugs to keep her warm. When I went into her feed shed, she head butted the door several times, as usual, eager for food. It was a bit too early for tea so I gave her a little snack and one of her little likits as a treat to tide her over.  

A call to the vet

Later in the afternoon, I looked across to the stable and noticed that Mo was lying down. When I popped out to see her though, she seemed quite happy so I didn’t worry. I thought she was just a bit tired and having a little afternoon snooze. When she was still laying there 15 minutes later, I checked again. This time I could see that she had problems. Her breathing was raspy and laboured, she was laying flat out and didn’t want to get up.

What happened that evening, were to be the saddest moments of my life. When Sarah, the vet from Milbourn Equine came out, and after examination, injections and discussions, we decided as a family that the kindest thing to do for Mo, was to let her go on her journey to Rainbow Bridge. We were all there with her and I knew that she wouldn’t be afraid laying with her head in my arms and Tash by her side in the stable that she loved so much.

It was all so peaceful. Mo laid there so gently and calmly with us talking quietly to her the whole time............and then, in that single moment, her head became heavy on my lap and our journeys took different directions.

Little Mo stayed that night, safely tucked up in her little stable, with our own special blankets covering her. She went to Cherry Tree the next morning for her body to be cremated and her ashes later to be returned to me in a beautiful scatter basket. 

I am so thankful that Our Little Mo went to Rainbow Bridge so calmly and peacefully and that we were with her all the time. I could not have asked for anything more....... 

Rainbow Bridge

After Mojo was taken to Cherry Tree on the Sunday morning, I looked out of the bedroom window. It had just started to rain lightly and I saw the first rainbow that I had seen for a very long time. It went over the house and Mojo’s stable and I knew that she had sent me a sign to say that she was on her way to Rainbow Bridge. 

Even more moving however, were the rainbows that we would see the following day. Not half rainbows with faded edges, but full, vibrant complete rainbows, amazing rainbows, everywhere....

The following day, when Mojo’s body was being cremated, we drove to Kearnsey Abbey Park and we sat quietly in the car just looking out of the window.  All of a sudden, a most beautiful whole rainbow appeared in front of us. It was amazing, so bright and clear and I simply knew that Mojo was letting me know that she had arrived at Rainbow Bridge and everything was Ok. The amazing thing was that David and Tash saw the rainbow too and they were both in different places. Mo sent us one each.... 

Mojo - Although You Are Gone 

It’s comforting to know although you are gone, you are still here. Pictures and memories of you, keep you forever in my heart. The soft breeze gently brushing my skin is you, touching me. The warm sunshine shining down on my face is you, comforting me. The thunder before a storm is you, galloping free across the heavens above. The gentle rain falling are your tears of happiness, for you are young and free again. The Rainbow Bridge is where we will meet and there we will walk over together. Then, once again, we will be united and never be parted again. 

Author Unknown

A beautiful moment shared with my beloved Mo.....
A beautiful moment shared with my beloved Mo.....