In Memory Of Little Mo 

In Memory Of Little Mo 


Thank you

Thank you my darling Mo


Being a comfort when times were rough and making me laugh

Allowing me to ride and play with you

Teaching me the joys of owning a pony

Helping me to to canter, jump and ride you in a rope halter instead of a bridle

Giving so many children some wonderful memories

Sharing our barbecues and parties, our crisps and cakes

Giving me confidence

Being so very sweet, cheeky and beautiful 

Living happily at home with us

All the fun and happiness you have given me

My wonderful memories

But most of all

Thank you my darling Mo for simply giving me the best time of my life.........

I will love you always

Mummy xxxx


Mo, you have given me some of the most wonderful loving and exciting times in my life. I will always be thankful..........

Loved you yesterday
Love you still
Always have
Always will

Dearest Richard

Thank you for all the help and support you gave me when Mo was alive. Thank you for the walks we went on together with her, the rides you walked alongside me with, the worrying vet visits you hugged me during, when I thought the worst and for giving Mo injections when she needed them. Thank you for helping me on our visits to the yard to empty countless buckets of muck and for continuously filling water buckets and hay nets. 

Darling Tash

A special thank you for looking after, and loving Mo with me for all those years. Thank you for conning me into buying her and saying how well behaved she was, even though she wasn’t! Thank  you for being there with me and with Mo when she went on her journey to The Rainbow Bridge.


My dear family

Dave, thank you, you’ve been so good giving me all those huge bear hugs and nearly squashing me when I’ve had a cry. To my little grand daughters, Lily and Maisy, thank you for giving me such huge cuddles and kisses when I have been upset about Mojo, she loved you very much. Aaron, thank you for all the times you have helped look after Mo when we have been out and helping me make the beautiful pond. Em, Sammy and Urs, thank you for your kind words and Ali (even though you aren’t family), thank you so much for your comforting chats on WhatsApp. Shan, thank you for thinking of me so much and comforting me when I have felt low. Mum and Jen, thank you both for making it so that I could initially afford to buy my beautiful Mojo and fulfil my childhood dream......


My Dear Friends 

Jacqui, thank you for the hugs, for listening, and especially thank you for the time you were so brave and helped me get Mo up off the stable floor when she got cast! Pammy, thank you so much for your comforting phone calls, your endless cards and texts, and always being there for me.

Horsey Folk 

Cathy, a massive thank you for helping me to finally get the wonderful relationship with Mo, through natural horsemanship, that I had only ever dreamed about. It opened my eyes to a whole new world....

Find out more about Cathy here by clicking the link below

The yard folk, thank you for the fun times and the day of games. Jez, Jane and Geoff, thank you for having us at your yard and allowing us to bring the muck down there so that Mo could live at home. Thank you to Simon our long time farrier, you gave Mo her beautiful feet and to Ben who sadly only got to trim Mo’s feet once. Dave Pentacost, thank you so much for selling Mo to us all those years ago, we were so lucky.

Helen & Bonnie (Horse & Hound Forum), Lizzie & Prince and Maria & Freddie (Hoofbeats In Heaven) thank you so much for listening, for your kind words and for sharing your own stories of your beautiful ponies with me, it has been so comforting and wonderful to make new friends. Thank you too for the kind words of sympathy and support from members of The Chronicle of The Horse Forums and The Rainbow Bridge (FB). 

Our Kind Neighbours

Thank you Emily and Matt for always keeping an eye on Mojo and for her lovely thistles which she enjoyed so very much! Thank you Bob and Lyn for the fuss you always made of her and your kindness.

Vets and services

Reuben Whittaker, thank you for all of the years that you came out to Mo and helped her recover from illness. You were always so kind and sensitive and I have no doubt that you helped in giving Mo a longer and happier life here with us.

Sarah Emptage, from Milbourn Equine, thank you so much for helping to give Mojo such a peaceful passing, the way in which you explained what would happen and the very kind and supportive words in your cards. Thank you too, to all the staff at Milbourn who have helped in the past, especially the kind ladies on reception.

To Cherry Tree Crematorium, thank you for taking Mo in such a dignified manner and returning her ashes to me in such a beautiful way. Your services were very professional and sensitive. 

Su from Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Service, thank you so much for all of your support and kind words. It has helped me so much to have someone to turn to that really understands the emptiness that losing a beloved pony can bring.  

The Blue Cross Animal Bereavement Service is a free service for people who have lost beloved animals from their family. It is also for relatives and friends of those who have lost their beloved animals. You can contact them by phone or email. I used email as I knew I would be forever crying on the phone. It has been very comforting and helpful, especially at the beginning when my feelings were so raw and intense.

Thank you to Helen (Etsy) for making me the most beautiful glass beads from Mojo’s ashes and hair. Wearing them gives me so much comfort and makes me feel close to her. 

Thank you also to Lou (Etsy) for personalising the slate horse head to make it look so much like my beautiful Mo. It was so kind of you.

Thank you to Sarah at Pukka Ponies Equine Rescue, Kent, for arranging for me to visit some ponies at a foster home on the year anniversary of Mojo’s death.

Thank you to Smriti from Little Warden, Brasted, Kent for the morning with the foster ponies, Pumba and Silver on the one year anniversary. The visit helped me cope with the day in such a positive and happy way.

Thank you to Kate for making the lovely solar light for Mo’s garden. There will always be a light shining for her.......