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In Memory Of Little Mo 


Our Relationship

Building A Bond

In the summer of 2011, I realised that due to some major falls from other horses, my confidence had been knocked drastically. I wanted to develop a closer bond with Mo but it seemed really hard. She was quite stubborn, strong willed, napped if she went out without another horse, often spooked out on rides and she most certainly wasn’t cuddly! It dawned on me that something needed to change in order for me to get the relationship that I yearned for with Mo, and that confidence and knowledge played a major part. I was fortunate enough that Jez put me in touch with a local lady, Cathy, a trainer in natural horsemanship, who helped me. She really taught me how to have fun with Mojo, through the use of games and body language. I was so grateful and so very happy. You can find more information from Cathy by clicking the link below.

Mo, happily grazing in her rope halter and wearing her calming beads....
Mo, happily grazing in her rope halter and wearing her calming beads....

Fun and Games

To begin with, there were many challenges. On one occasion we had a session in natural horsemanship, in the field at Honeywood. Cathy was teaching me the art of disengaging the hindquarters. I was tucked in behind Cathy and almost falling over the rope in my haste to get out the way, I remember feeling very clumsy. I found it very difficult to master, to begin with. I also remember Cathy marching round our back garden with me, our arms interlocked, playing the catching game. I struggled not to trip over! We were out there for well over an hour. All of a sudden it just happened, Mo just turned straight round, looked me in the eye and walked up to us. It was a wonderful moment. Richard and Tash were watching us through the window and later said it looked hilarious but brilliant.

You can read more about Cathy and her teaching methods by clicking on the link below

Within weeks, days even, our relationship changed. I had always loved Mo, but this was completely different. The bond that grew and the trust we now shared was nothing like before. We had fun learning to ride sideways and backwards, and played games with barrels, cones and poles. 

We played our games, using natural horsemanship techniques, in the fields, in the stable, in the barn and in the garden. I taught her how to pick things up and she rewarded me by picking up a full water bucket of water and emptying it all over me, oh how I laughed at that as she was so pleased with herself. It took time and energy but I was finally able to ride her in a rope halter, she didn’t bolt off anymore, she didn’t nap and she started to go and muzzle things that she had originally been scared of if I asked her to, rather than spooking away from them. We went for long rides and walks in hand around the country lanes and across the fields. She became confident, very relaxed and laid back about life. Of course, this meant I did too!

We have shared some wonderful moments together
We have shared some wonderful moments together

Fun on the beach

We went back to the beach and for the first time ever Mojo walked happily down the slipway. We played games on the sand using our techniques of natural horsemanship, and boy did you get excited! You walked confidently up to a buoy that was on the sand and touched it. I even rode you on the sand along the water’s edge, I really was so happy....

Together on one of our hacks in the countryside
Together on one of our hacks in the countryside

Fun in the cornfields

Mojo became so chilled about life. Natural horsemanship and my sessions with Cathy really did change our lives. For the first time ever, I was confident enough to take Mo out for a lovely canter in a rope halter, across the stubble fields. It was simply wonderful...