In Memory Of Little Mo 

In Memory Of Little Mo 


Room for other horses in your life?

A question which some of us find it so hard to deal with. No one knows but you....For me, at the moment I have decided not to have another pony. There are many reasons, but guilt, which is a major problem for some, is not one of my reasons. I do occasionally see and groom other horses but not for some time now (it’s been over 2 years since I lost Mo) and I haven’t ridden.

I do miss having my pony, every day, but I am finding happiness in other things and I take the love that I have for her, forward in my every day life. 

Some people find it hard to look after other horses they may already have when one dies, others find it hard to be horseless. Some develop wonderful bonds with other horses, some do not. Take the time you need. Losing a horse is traumatic......

Take time to think and feel what you may want to do. If there is love there to give to another and that’s what you want and are able to do, then don’t deny yourself that honour and opportunity, especially from guilt. 

Love is there to give and share.......