In Memory Of Little Mo 

In Memory Of Little Mo 


Life at Home 2007-2018

A pony in the garden!

In October 2007 we moved house from Seabourne Way to St John’s Cottages. We were very excited as it had big gardens and wasn’t too far from Honeywood, only about 3 miles away. We could walk or ride Mo home. We started by bringing her home for a visit as soon as we could and she had a wonderful graze, in hand in the front garden!

We had enough room to put a stable for Mo in the garden and when it arrived Tash took the day off work and we set up some electric tape and sat in the garden with her, it was so exciting. From then on, we would bring her home for visits in the daytime whenever we could. She wasn’t too sure about staying the night though. The first time she did that, she started calling very loudly in the very early hours of the morning and Tash walked her back to Honeywood at 5am! We kept at it though, and soon Mo began coming home for regular sleepovers. It was great fun.  

A permanent move

By 2011 Mo spent her time living between home and Honeywood and in the summer of 2014, Mojo came permanently to live here with us.

It was a dream come true....

She loved her cosy stable and little paddocks. We built her, her own feed shed, put a name plate on her door and gave her all the love and attention she could ever possibly want. By this time, she was well over 30 years old and not allowed a lot of grass, so the small grazing areas were perfect for her.

Once she came home it was very strange, she started to nicker and neigh to us all the time. It was something she had never done at the yard and was really lovely.

She mowed the grass for us and did a very good job of nibbling round the fences and gates so that Richard didn’t have to use his lawnmower or strimmer at all. I would walk up the road and gather thistles and cow parsley in a wheelbarrow as a treat and Mojo would hold the thistles down with her hoof whilst she carefully broke them up to eat them.

Mo would go also round to Cathy’s occasionally for a bigger area in which to graze and play in her fields and with her boys.

Family Fun

Mo really had such a wonderful life at home. What was really lovely, was that she could be at all of our family get-togethers and parties. She joined in with all our barbecues, sharing our food and she made us all laugh when she stole a roll at David’s 30th birthday party and sneezed all over his food.

Mojo would happily stand at the gate next to us when we lit the chimnea or stand in her paddock watching the sunset and everything that was going on around her. Of course, she was also forever waiting for some of the party food and always wanted to come indoors!

She had fun pottering around the garden and absolutely loved having a bath. When it was very hot, I could turn on the hose and she would walk up to it, just waiting to be sprayed, I never had to tie her up. Mo simply loved having us all around her and she really was another member of the family. She shared her life with all of us and gave us wonderful memories to cherish.

A very poorly Mo

In the February of 2015, Mo became very poorly one evening. Sarah Emptage from Milbourne Equine came out to her and gave her injections which seemed to help but after a couple of days, she was back to being very unwell. Sarah was out to us again, did blood tests, gave her injections and some other treatment. In the end, we decided to take her up to the veterinary hospital at Ashford for further treatment and observation. I was devastated and extremely worried about her, I was so frightened that she wouldn't come back. As it was, she made a full recovery, and came home to us, safe and sound and acting as if nothing had ever happened!

Snowy Days

I absolutely loved having Mo at home. When the snow came, instead of the problems of getting down to the yard, I was able to look after her easily. I could wrap her up in her beautiful thick winter rugs. Her hay was just outside and she loved wandering about in her little paddock in the snow without the worry of slipping over on the ice.....